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During each new recruitment our employees are carefully selected based on their unique skills and talents. We firmly believe that different way of thinking, substantiated with strong argumentative reasoning is fundamental premise of quality in our profession. Our investment team is primarily composed of economists and mathematicians who constantly demonstrate how talented they really are.  

Damir developed interest in financial markets during summer schools at LSE in London and at Milan’s Bocconi University where he learned the fundamental principles of capital markets. Interest turned into career when he started working as a junior financial analyst for Erste Securities in 2006. After gaining his investment advisor license from CSFFA, he moved to asset management department which he led until mid-2010 when he joined Erste d.o.o mandatory pension fund management company. As a portfolio manager for Erste Plavi mandatory pension fund, he was responsible for managing fund’s assets. In 2013 after more than 7 years at Erste bank, he leaves and starts his own independent Investment firm, N3 Capital Partners.


Additional education: 2010, ”Chartered Financial Analyst”; 2010, “Advanced Technical Analysis”, Beta Experts; 2011, “Advanced Valuation”, Amsterdam Institute of Finance; 2012, ”Advances in Asset Allocation”, EDHEC

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Damir Čukman, CFA
President of the management board

After completing her economic studies, Maja started her career in Abacus brokeri d.d. as a financial analyst. During her work at Abacus, she acquired broker, investment advisor and pension fund manager licences. She continued her professional career at Podravska banka in 2010 when she accepted an invitation to start and head the Asset Management Department. Maja is an athletic club member and the only person in our team that can 

proudly state that she completed 42km of a marathon. In 2014, Maja joins our team as a board member. In addition to her daily commitments, Maja writes for renowned financial magazines and participated in specialized economic research.


Additional education: 2015, ”Chartered Financial Analyst”

Maja Bešević Vlajo, CFA
Member of the management board
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Karlo Filipović 
Financial analyst
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Karlo got interested in economics at an early age which is why he enrolled Zagreb School of Economics and Management in 2010 where he was regularly amongst the top students. During the course of his studies Karlo engaged in various projects like analyzing the complex network of liabilities from prebankruptcy settlements for Croatian Bank Association (CBA). He also had a shorter stint at KPMG. In 2013, he participated in the CFA Institute sponsored competition “CFA Research Challenge” where

he was first acquainted with equity research and company valuation and developed adamant interest in finances. While he was still in school, he earned a place on N3 Capital Partners Academy amongst the competition of best math and economics students, after which the Company offered him a permanent position. When he finished his economics studies in 2015, he joined our team as a financial analyst.


Karlo passed Chartered Financial Analyst” (CFA) Level III exam.

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